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Help make the People’s Party of Oregon a reality!

We really appreciate your help! It is also very important that you read and follow the instructions carefully.
If you don't, the Secretary of State may reject the signatures you gather.

The main points:

  • All petition circulators and signers must be registered Oregon voters. Instructions for checking voter status are on the instruction sheet.
  • Print petitions on standard printer paper (8.5" x 11", white, uncoated, 20lb).
  • You must personally witness all collected signatures.
  • Be sure to sign the bottom as "Circulator" after you've finished collecting signatures.
  • If you gather signatures, it's very important that you mail the petition back because people won't sign twice.
  • If you plan to gather signatures from strangers (canvassing, tabling, etc.) please contact us first:

Click here if you agree to follow these instructions and would like to download a printable petition sheet.

Here’s a preview of the full instruction sheet included in the download:

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